We Create "Valuation Acceleration” for Private Equity Portfolio Companies

New research has emerged. 

Sales & Marketing technology has evolved. 

What if there were new strategies, tools, and techniques that would supercharge a portfolio company’s growth trajectory and they came with a guarantee? Welcome to Velocity.  

The ONLY valuation acceleration program built on the latest in machine learning, A.I., and human decision-making science.  

Gain an unfair advantage over your competition.

Velocity by Braintrust is that unfair advantage.

Why is Velocity So Powerful?

We Know The Science Of Customer Decision Making

We Know The Science Behind The Marketing Machine

We're not only students of neuroscience, we've published books about it. We understand the mind of the customer and engineer our clients' strategy around how people make decisions.

Pixels, algorithms, personalization, data lakes, MarTech stacks, and much more. We have deep domain expertise in it all and we know exactly how they can work for your business.

We Use Technology and Science to Master the Modern Buyer Journey

An End To End, Fully Aligned Growth Program

Using the principles of today’s digital decision making and machine learning (Agile Acquisition™) combined with the most advanced science-driven sales conversation methodology (NeuroSelling®) we attract and convert more prospects, more of the time.  

Velocity uses a combination of marketing & sales channels to attack a market from every angle. Then we continually reassess your results and fluidly shift our efforts to what’s working, so you get results like you’ve never seen before.

Velocity by Braintrust Delivers Results. Not Vanity Metrics.

14.52x Return On Engagement

228 Sales Qualified Leads In 2.5 Months

A B2B promotional products company realized a 14.52X ROI when we implemented our Agile Acquisition methodology to their business.

We helped a B2B company execute their first strategic paid campaign, resulting in 228 leads in 2.5 months.

10.39x Return On Engagement

317% Increase In Lead Conversions

A B2B manufacturer realized a 10.39X ROI by being a first-mover in their space, leveraging digital, and positioning themselves as thought leaders in a competitive industry.

We helped a B2B medical device company more than triple their leads without spending any additional paid advertising dollars.

Meet Velocity's Leadership Team

Jeff Bloomfield

Zach Strauss

Two time best-selling sales author, keynote speaker, and entrepreneur, Jeff's dedicated his entire career to helping people and the companies they work for discover and share their story with more impact. 

Two time founder with one exit in the books. Zach's taken his learnings in the SaaS space and has applied those data-driven marketing frameworks to deliver revenue growth for over 85+ B2B organizations. 

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It all starts with a conversation.

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